Abu Dhabi is the gem city of UAE and the capital city as well. You should book your deal for the Abu Dhabi tour but before that read some details regarding the Abu Dhabi Tour below.

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All about the best places in Abu Dhabi:Sheikh Zayed mosque:
There are a lot of mosques in Abu Dhabi, but among all the beautiful mosques sheikh Zayed mosque is the most famous. Everyone who is aware of this mosque knows how popular this mosque is. But have you ever thought about why it is so popular? Let me tell you the reason. Sheikh Zayed mosque has the most beautiful Islamic architecture inside it. The architects have worked day and night to make this mosque look the most unique one amongst all. This mosque was made by the great ruler sheikh Zayed. There are some places that are a key identification of a city, so you can say that the Sheikh Zayed mosque is a key representation of Abu Dhabi. You should keep this place at the top in your Abu Dhabi Tour.

Heritage Village:
When you enter Abu Dhabi after booking your deal for Abu Dhabi Tour all that you are able to see is the tall buildings, luscious lakes, beautiful parks basically all the modern aspects. But what you might not be able to see is the old aspects of Abu Dhabi which are now hidden because of the modern Abu Dhabi.  But Abu Dhabi has taken out a solution for that. To see the old aspects of Abu Dhabi you can come to the heritage village. This is a famous historical site of Abu Dhabi and has all the things in it which showcases the history of Abu Dhabi and how this city used to look in the past days.

Ferrari World:
Among all the famous Abu Dhabi city attractions this can be the most entertaining place to visit in your Abu Dhabi Tour. Whenever one thinks about the Ferrari world all that can come in one’s mind are the rides, the fun-filled games here both for kids and adults. Ferrari world is a gaming and Ride Ocean where you will get lost in enjoying the amazing rides. If you really want an experience of riding on the most unique and famous rides then a visit to the Ferrari world is a must one in your Abu Dhabi Tour.

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Camel Market:
The most famous camel market exists in Abu Dhabi. People from many other places come here in Abu Dhabi to see the variety of camels. Camel races also take place here. People here get really excited for camel races and I am sure once after entering this place you will also get the same level of excited.

Corniche beach:
The most beautiful beach in Abu Dhabi is the Corniche beach. If you want to relax in your Abu Dhabi Tour then come to this beach and relax on the sand under the sun,


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